Web Development

Web Development

Website development from A to Z with different levels of complexity. Starting from landing pages till complex web stores and individual systems adapted to exactly your business. We have done it many years!

When you order us some web solution, next steps are:

  • We discuss your WEB STRATEGY - you don’t want to spend a bunch of money creating something, that actually won’t help you. We have experience moving products in different markets to suggest you the most appropriate way how to solve your problem or realise idea. We will work together to find this best way for each case.
  • We discuss and ESTIMATE all features of development to get time and cost estimate as precise as possible. We do all possible to understand all parts of project to avoid “money ended, solution doesn’t work” situations and to let you understand the actual cost of development already at the beginning of it.
  • We create DESING of your webpage, which is approved before development continues. Of course, your design guidelines are taken in action, if you have such.
  • During development you are regularly introduced with currently actual PROTOTYPE versions of your site. In such way you have high influence on development and you will be able to change requirements also during website development process.

As simple as that! So – don’t wait – just contact us and let’s move forward with your web project!


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