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Did you celebrate 10000 days since you were born? Did you celebrate 7777 days since you got married? Do not miss the celebrations - remember them on time and have huge parties with Celebrate More!


iGotClient.com is a cloud based workflow optimisation tool for small businesses and freelancers. It allows to collect exact requirements, structure communication between business and client and to exchange files. With integrated smart deadline and cost for service engines it replaces bunch of other tools freelancers and small businesses have used before.


XHider is the most easy to use MacOSX tool to show and hide files and to show and hide already hidden files. It has never been so simple to do it before! Coming soon on Mac App Store.

Taxi in Riga

Taxi in Riga - Number 1 Free iOS application in Latvian AppStore on June 2012 - is specially for Riga, Latvia designed free iPhone application, which can be used to select the most appropriate taxi company.

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Mobile development is our passion - It's the actual reason, why MurTT was born.

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Custom workflow system is MUST HAVE for any company! Read more - why!

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We are always ready to share our knowledge and help you in different cases.

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From simple presentation webpage to complex web store. We have done and are still doing it all!